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A simple system for deciding what to do


2 Principles for Task Management

  1. Set up a close open loop
  2. Develop a task cycle

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Speeding up your machine learning prototypes with PyTorch and Streamlit

Prototyping ML Apps

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Using the newly released Notion API and Streamlit to build a simple project tracker dashboard

Setting up the Notion API

Setting up a simple python API to fetch data from your database

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A template for practicing data science with 6 simple steps

Practicing Data Science

A Practice Cycle

Image by author.

A tagging system to organize your notes

Note Taking Systems and Tags

Types of tags

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8 tips for reviewing your notes, tasks and priorities

The Importance of Reviewing

8 Reviewing Tips

  1. Review your notes of the week

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A simple script to track and visualize your daily focused time using Python and Streamlit

The Value of Attention

Track & Visualize

  • Set up the tracking script
  • Set up the visualization
  • Wrap the code in a Streamlit app

1. The tracking script

  1. First…

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An integrated cycle of personal projects, work, learning and practice

Integrating Everything You Do

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Write better scripts faster with these 9 practical Python tips

Speeding up your Pythonic Routine

1. Creating dictionaries with defaultdict and lambda functions

from collections import defaultdict
import numpy as np
q = defaultdict(lambda: np.zeros(5))#…

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Quantifying productivity through self-tracking

Measuring Progress

Tracking focus & desktop usage

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Machine Learning Engineer. I write about AI | Data Science | Productivity & Learning.

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