Hi Magdalena, thank you for this lovely post. I believe I am in the same position you were last year, starting to write about my passion of AI, Data Science and python, with a bit of of reflection and story telling here and there. When I look at your trajectory, beautifully outlined here in this post, I wonder if you have any extra practical advices?

My main goal is to write what I am passionate about, with the highest quality possible. At the same time, In financial terms my goal was to have medium as an additional income (not primary).

Do you think that these goals are reachable for someone whose primary goal is to write well about Data Science, (and not for the cash or the maximum amount of views)? Thanks again for the post, I became a fan! Cheers

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AI engineer at K1 Digital and co-organizer of the Deep Learning Sessions meet up in Lisbon. AI |Computer Vision| Data Science| Productivity | Learning

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