I took an issue with your point regarding science. I think your point was much more against ideology and people’s misuse of scientific research but the heading gave a different impression as well as the focus on its misuse. I think that science is vital and I would say you agree, however I got away from this interesting piece that your take on science was actually much more a take on misinformation. You can’t blame something based on how uninformed people interpret it. Another point is that although I think is brilliant and you put it well, that anyone can spot bullshit (#WellSaid), to dish in data is just wrong. The argument that because you can lie with statistics should some how back the idea that plots are some how BS is just wrong. Data matters, However it should not be considered a gospel, but a quantifiable representation of a perspective. Thanks for the food for thought. Cheers mate.

AI engineer at K1 Digital and co-organizer of the Deep Learning Sessions meet up in Lisbon. AI |Computer Vision| Data Science| Productivity | Learning

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